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I am stating that I fully understand the Qualifications and Guidelines as they apply to a referral and that any show that does not meet all the criteria will not count towards my Rainbow Reimbursement Program.

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Happy Customers

"I absolutely love my rainbow and rainmate! I have 3 dogs that shed constantly and the rainbow does an amazing job at vacuuming their hair up. They also love the dog attachment that comes with it! It's not only an amazing vacuum but it sucks all the nasty out of the air in that he sleeps much better when we leave it running on low mode. I would 10 out of 10 recommend the Rainbow to anyone!"
Kirkland Pruitt
Oxford, MS
"I love my Rainbow because it's providing an even better life for me! It captures all the germs and bacteria floating around in the air! My favorite attachment is the pet attachment because it massages my dog while also getting the excess hair off of him! If you don't have one, you're missing out!"
Maddie Welch
college student, Ole Miss
"When I first used my rainbow I was so impressed by how much it cleaned my home. It made my house smell so much better! The best part that I love about the Rainbow is your home will smell like outside air (clean and refreshing). When using your Rainbow it is easy and convenient and it is an multifunctional appliance. I was so impressed with the affordability and how much it helped with my family's allergies!"
Tom Allen
Senatobia, Ms